Monday, June 18, 2012

Burgers and Fries ( aka brownies inside of cupcakes and sugar cookies)

So for Father's Day I made my dad these delicious treats! The burgers are cupcakes split down the middle with brownies in-between. To represent the lettuce and ketchup I used green and red ( maybe a little pink...) icing. To fully capture the idea of a burger, I sprinkled cut up seeds on top.  To help the seeds stick dust a little water on top of the cupcake ( bun top).

To make the fries I made sugar cookies. Normal sugar cookie recipes aren't fitted for needing to cut or mold the dough, so once the regular recipe is complete roll the dough in some all purpose flour. The flour will allow more work to be done with the dough. Roll the dough out as thin as possible and cut the dough into really thin slices. Even the thinnest slices with expand and end up looking like steak fries, so don't worry if they look to thin before you make them! Once the cookies are finished baking if you feel the fries are too fat, while they are still warm you can cut them in half.

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