Wednesday, June 13, 2012

People Watching: an activity that some may find creepy but I regard as one of the best forms of entertainment

Quirky with Confidence: My dad has many strange friends, this might be because my dad is quite peculiar himself, and the other day I had the pleasure to spend time with one most bizarre ones by far. I must start off by saying that Burke, my dad's unusual friend, is a extremely kind and loving guy. However, some of his mannerisms are just off the chart abnormal. He walks into our house wearing an outlandishly bright pink colored shirt, an electric blue bow tie, khakis that cut off a little too short ( guy capris?), and too tightly tied oxford shoes - not exactly the typical outfit of an 65 year old. Right after he enters the house he turns to cat and in his cartoonish voice and says,"Hellloooo little doggie!" Now you might be thinking maybe he has some vision problems, I mean the guy is 65, but sadly no. I listen to Burke talk to my dad for a little while, picture a screaming old man who's constantly waving his hands, until Burke announces he must be on his way to save his dog. Save his dog from whom you might ask? - his wife. 

What Our Generation Has Come To: Traveling always presents great opportunities for observing people. While I was taking the Hampton Jitney into NYC I witnessed a spectacle that led me to understand why so many question what will become of the new generation. Five girls got on the the bus, all of the screaming and giggling like the just got asked out by rock stars. They sat in the row across from me and I cringed as I they continue to squeal and stomp their feet as they laughed uncontrollably. What in the world could be so funny? Apparently - boys. As they spoke in a decibels tens times too loud, I couldn't help but overhear as they gabbed on and on about prom. Who wore what, who said what, who went with who, and so on. I tried to keep my focus on my book until one of them turns to me and offers me some goldfish, a dare to entertain them of the long bus ride I'm sure. As I glance over to decline I couldn't help but notice the girl offering me the goldfish was dressed in red and black checkered shorts, a blue and yellow tribal shirt, globs of makeup in all colors of the rainbow, and very out of place stiletto heels. I don't even have a chance to say no thanks before she's back to screeching with her gal pals. I look around the bus and have to stifle a laugh after seeing the faces of everyone surrounding them - half of them purely annoyed and the other half just as horrified. After this experience I realized I'd been pretty wrapped up in my own nerdy world and had failed to notice the down hill spiral of my own generation. From now on instead of rolling my eyes when adults make comments like "kids these days," I'll nod my head right along with them wondering the same thing. 

The Hip Grandma: Today I attended my brother's award ceremony for his rugby season. While there we sat with one of his best friend's family, which included his grandparents who came out for the night. Halfway through the ceremony someone's phone began to go off and who's phone was that you might wonder. If you guessed his grandma you would be correct - but I'm not going to give you too much credit since the title kinda gives it away ;). Then about fifteen minutes after that her phone went off again! By this time I'm thinking wow this is one popular old lady! Then her daughter, my brother's friend's mom, starts scolding her! She continues by shaking her head and demanding to have her phone and says she will give it back at the end. Now I'm on the verge of hysterics, the little old lady is having her phone taken away by her daughter! Then the grandma shows her rebellious side by refusing to hand over her phone and texting ( yes, texting!) whoever was calling her. You go girl. 

The Ladies at the Square: The other night I was enjoying dinner with my mother, something I have become to cherish as I realize I'll be leaving the nest soon, and overheard a conversation that caused both my mother and I's jaws to drop. A middle-aged to older women who was dressed in the typical style of a women who has money and wants to flaunt it was informing her three friends, all who were dressed to the T in their gaudy jewelry and overly priced designer clothes, that the school she fundraisers for just doesn't have the resources to deal with such "problematic cases." Intrigued to hear more I began to pay closer attention to what she was saying and was shocked as she explained she believed kids with disabilities or financial issues should not be let into the school. Her opinion was that "they probably don't want to come anyways, you know how kids from those types of homes are." I was about to jump out of my seat, but I restrained myself because I needed to know more. She continued to tell her friends how she just doesn't think its fair to make all the "normal" children suffer just because the school is trying to look good. After hearing her explain how she plans to use the money she raised for extra field trips and rewards for thenormal children instead of assisting those "problematic children" she mentioned before, I had to tune out before I snapped. It made me think of how that is exactly what would have happened in the movie the Blind Side if kick-ass Sandra Bullock hadn't fiercely shot down all the derogative comments of the ladies she was sharing her "overpriced salad" with. 

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