Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Decorating a Fabric Chair!

For the craft you will need: an inexpensive fabric chair ( this one came from IKEA for $100), fabric markets, fabric paint, paint brushes, paper towels, and water. I made this chair with three other friends of mine and we decided we wanted the chair to be themed around friendship. So we found a bunch of friendship quotes online and we also included a bunch of our own inside jokes. Once we had our concept we just started painting! Our initials are M, A, K, E so we also found a lot of quotes with the word make in it, such as we can MAKE it through anything and MAKE it last forever friendship never ends ( courtesy of the Spice Girls). The craft can be changed to fit a lot of different ideas, so just go crazy with it. Anything fabric will work and any theme will be perfect because all that counts it that it means something to you. So you can use this idea, choose another theme, or just draw random things - anything works! Most importantly relax and let it be one of those moments you remember being purely happy.

Ever since I realized that I needed to focus more on the moment and less on the end result, crafts have been a really big part of my life. It's a great way to spend time with friends or family because it's something that's enjoyable. Also since it's just for you it doesn't have to be perfect and that takes away a lot of the stress I think people associate with social situations. The night I made this chair with three of my best friends is a night that I will always remember because while I don't remember exactly what we talked about or what exactly we were laughing at, I do remember having an amazing night full of laughter and smiles.

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