Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Welcome to my blog! My blog focusses on finding happiness in all the small moments. Sometimes people, myself included, get so wrapped up in the outcome of something we forget to take joy in the moment. After a long time struggling with the concept of why I felt constantly out of place I realized I needed to take a second and figure out what I truly enjoy. After coming to this realization, I set out to rediscover myself. Through this I learned I love crafts, baking, reading, running, people watching, fashion, little kids, and many other things that might not typically be used to describe a 16 year old. This blog is going to an assortment of everything I love, which I hope you find useful for entertainment and inspiration.

Crafts is full of DIY projects that are tons of fun and are easy to do! 

Have a Laugh...Or one of those moments where you are laughing so hard there's no sound so you sit clapping like a retarded seal. If you are anything like me it will be the latter. "Have a Laugh..." is a  page full of things I find funny, entertaining, or just feel like sharing with you! 


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