Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quote Painting!

This craft is actually quite simple! Supplies needed include a blank canvas, multiple colors of paint, paint brushes, and two inch sticky letters. Start off by choosing which color(s) you would like for the letters. Using these colors paint the entire canvas and try to make sure you have all the colors represented in all sections. This way you don't have one color overloading one side. Once the paint dries apply the sticky letters to spell out the quote you want. It's really important the paint is completely dry, because if the paint isn't dry then when you go to paint over it the colors will mix. So once you have ensured the paint is dry and you've stuck all your sticky letters on, paint over the entire canvas in a new color. It helps if when picking you colors you have a color theme such a light colors verses dark colors. This way the words will stand out more clearly. For mine I chose a light blue, a lilac purple, and a baby pink for the words and painted over the canvas with a plum purple and dark blue. Once you've painted over the canvas wait for the paint to dry, and then you can peel the sticky letters off and whalla a beautiful, unique quote painting!

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