Monday, June 24, 2013

DIY Clothespin Photo Frame

       Lately on Pinterest I've been seeing tons of projects using clothespins + frames to make a unique way to display photos. After searching through the various takes on the craft, I realized I liked the ones where the photos had a vintage feel to them. At first I set off searching for a polaroid camera thinking - How cool would that be! Then after a quick search on amazon and other general websites I came to the realization that polaroid cameras were a little expensive just to buy for a craft. Luckily, I found this cool application that turns your digital photos into polaroid ones. It was super easy ( here's the link

8 nails
28 gauge silver string ( normally in the jewelry section in stores like Michaels)
inexpensive frame
photo paper
mini clothespins
spray paint

        To start off, I decided on all the photos I wanted for the frame. This probably would be easier at the end when you know how many pictures your frame fits, but I just could not resist.

From there I drilled in six nails ( three on each side) on the back of the frame. Try to make sure the nails are straight across from one another. Next take the 28 gauge string and tightly wrap it around one of the nails. Then stretch the string across to the opposite side (making sure the string is taught) and then wrap it around that nail. Repeat this with the remaining two sets of nails.

To hang the frame on the wall, I just hammered in two nails where they would match up with the hooks on the back of the frame. The next part of the craft requires a covered area as you have to spray paint ( spray paint easily gets things painted you don't want to). To make spray painting the mini clothespins easier, I clipped the clothespins onto a box. This made it easier to get the clothespins from all angles.


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